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Nothing is more rewarding than seeing my son or young anglers get that excitement when they get hooked up on a fish…


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Latendresse Guide Service is ran by Kellen Latendresse. Kellen helps people fish Vanhook (Lake Sakakawea) and other prairie lakes!




Lake Sakakawea
Missouri River
Lake Audubon and more!


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Whether it is just you and the kids or you are wanting to get out with the friends from high school, we help everyone. Click the link below so we can setup a time.


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Latendresse guide service serves North Dakota helping anglers catch fish in Vanhook, Lake Sakakawea, the Missouri River and other areas. Latendresse Guide Service is ran be Kellen Latendresse a professional fisherman who has caught a few fish in his day…

In the summer of 2018 Kellen took myself, my son and two young grandsons fishing on Lake Sakakawea.  In the brief two hours that our schedule allowed my boys caught 7 very nice walleyes in the 2-4 lb range. Because of Kellen’s hospitality and expertise my boys had a wonderful experience and would love to do it again! 

Don May

I’m an avid muskie fisherman but had never caught one in North Dakota. After a few failed attempts at trying to catch a tiger muskie myself I decided to give Kellen Lantendresse a call. We weren’t on the boat more than 15 minutes and had already caught two. We boated a total of 5 that day and I couldn’t have been happier. If you’re looking to catch your ND muskie, Kellen is your guy.

Zach Jackson

We Fish
North Dakota

Kellen is the go-to guide in North Dakota. Kellen has been featured in the Minot Daily News and has the experience to get you hooked.

Where we fish

Lake Sakakawea
Missouri River
Lake Audubon
Other Small Prairie Lakes

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Kellen Latendresse

Fishing Guide

“Nothing is more rewarding than seeing my son or young anglers get that excitement when they get hooked up on a fish”

I was blessed to be surrounded with a father, uncles and family friends that introduced me to the amazing world of the outdoors at a young age.  Since I can remember I have always had a passion for fishing, spending summers between Van Hook and Parshall Bay, if I wasn’t in  a boat I was standing on a dock.  As life progressed I’ve gone through different stages as a angler.  I love fishing all species and grew up targeting mainly walleye.  The older I get the more in my free time you will find me chasing trophy pike, muskies and bass.  To me currently nothing is more rewarding than seeing my son or young anglers get that excitement when they get hooked up on a fish.  I currently live in Minot with my wife Stacy, sons Adyn, Oliver and our family dog Bella. 

Featured in the Minot Daily News!

Whale of a Muskie
Youngster Designs Muskie Lure

Kellen Latendresse hosted our Thomas Family fishing outing in late June of 2018 out on the Big Lake. We couldn’t have asked for a better day for the weather or for catching fish on that day. This was probably one of the highlights from the summer of 2018 for our family.

Kellen has to be one of the more knowledgeable fishing guides in the area, as we began catching fish shortly after being in the water.

He is extremely patient and kind in all that he did for us that day, especially for those of us that aren’t much of a fisherman!

We limited out by mid-afternoon and he even took the time to help us fillet and clean up our fish.

I would highly recommend using Kellen as a fishing guide if you are given the chance.

Bryan Thomas

I have had the pleasure of fishing with Kellen for the last 15 years. The more I fish with him, the more I believe he must have gills somewhere because the guy thinks like a fish. He always seems to know where the fish are and how to catch them, regardless of weather conditions. But that’s only part of what makes a day on the water with Kellen great.

His good attitude, comedic relief, and desire for you to have an awesome day is what makes spending the day on the water with him second to none. He loves teaching people about fishing and spends much of his time taking kids out on the water – teaching them to fish and to love being in the outdoors. He is extremely patient and doesn’t harp on you when you make a mistake, which is always something I appreciate when I hire a guide.

I would highly recommend Kellen as a fishing guide for anyone who wants to catch fish and have a blast doing it!

Lloyd Sund

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